EFT Helps Dog that Pees

Mini Pees when People Visit

By: Lili Betancourt

EFT for Dog pees on floor

Gwyneth Moss asked participants if they had any pet issues to demonstrate working with animals during my EFT level 2 training. I told her about Mini, my 3 year old Cairn terrier. She lives with me, my husband, my mother, my 3 adult children and our 11 year old mixed terrier (Max). Mini loses control of her bladder and pees when she gets excited if guests come to the door or if she is spoken to in a high pitched tone. The veterinarian told us that some breeds do this and some puppies outgrow it.

How we Tapped

Gwyneth instructed me to first tap telling the story about Mini’s behaviour.  So I tapped as Gwyneth guided me: Mini is my dog. She’s a Cairn terrier. She’s 3 years old. She lives with me, Lili and when she gets excited she pees. If guests come to the door or if someone speaks to her in a high-pitched voice she pees. If Joe’s there he yells at her. He thinks he’s disciplining her but she gets scared and hides under the table. Then she puts her head down like she’s ashamed. Then everyone gets upset.

Next Gwyneth instructed me to tap while I spoke as if I were Mini:

Mini: I’m Mini. Lili’s my owner. I live with Lili & Joe & Joey & Steve & Angie & Nani.

Gwyneth: I wonder why you pee when you get excited….

Mint: I don’t know… someone comes to the door and I get so excited I pee. I’m just so happy to see them. I like when people visit….and I get excited. And then I pee. The vet said I might outgrow it but I might not….

Gwyneth: I’m sure you don’t want to do it…

Mini: No. Joe gets mad and yells at me. I don’t like that. I hide under the table. I put my head down. I feel bad.

Gwyneth: I wonder why you get so excited when people come to visit….

Mini: I was left too long in the pet shop. No one came to buy me. I was there so long I was on sale when Lili bought me. I waited a long time for people to come….every day waiting for people to come… no one would come…where are they?…when will they come? Until finally Lili came… after waiting so long…for someone to come….and in the pet shop I peed, no one told me not too. I’m a good dog…and I love Lili and Lili loves me…I’m just a puppy….I get excited when someone comes to see me…I get excited…and I pee…I don’t mean to. Even though I pee when I get excited I’m a good dog and I love Lili and Lili loves me…and Joe loves me…and Joey loves me…Steve loves me…Angie loves me…Nani loves me and Max loves me. I’m a good dog.


The same day we tapped for her at Keystone Healing Centre, when I came home and entered through the door I was surprised. Mini remained relaxed on the sofa while Max excitedly barked and pranced in front of me. We’ve had several visitors now with no peeing incidents. Overall she appears to be calmer. It’s been 4 months now and the few times she’s lost control of her bladder it was with my mother. It dawned on me that at times I “lose control” of myself with my mother when she speaks to me in a certain tone. That I can tap specifically on that issue as well is a powerful revelation. Now I’m eager to see how it will improve how I feel about my relationship with my mother.

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  1. I just did this tapping about one of my 6 dogs Mike. I changed Mini’s story to Mikes. Thank you so much for posting this. I will keep you posted as to how this 1 tapping session about Mike’s marking all over the living room will improve my relationship with him.

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