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EFT at Esalen

Personal Experiences of EFT Tapping

Happiness Blossoms

EFT Helps Pianist

James Pelham is a professional pianist who was previously in a state of near panic with performance anxiety.   He told us he had never played as well in public as
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EFT Helps Dental Phobic

Dental Tapping Tale Julie Moss attended my recent presentation to the British Psychological Association in Scotland. She writes: I'm dentist phobic. I have not had treatment for three years and
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EFT works

EFT Helps Back Pain

Joan Draper suffered back ache since her younger days as a student nurse.   EFT helped clear long held in emotion and she tells how well the results have lasted.
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Parcevall Hall gardens

EFT for Teenage Troubles

Tapping with my Teenage Daughter By Karen Rowe Having trained in EFT with Gwyneth, I cannot begin to express how grateful I am at being able to help my children
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Thea Can’t Poo

EFT for 4 year with Constipation Lovely case of clearing the deeper fear underneath a symptom by Sarah Naylor My four year old daughter Thea has had a history of
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EFT for Peace

EFT and Picky Eating

The Case of the Lonely Cucumber Gwyneth says: Phil Reed completed Trainer Training with me and I am delighted to share this superb tapping tale with you - it had
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Parcevall Hall gardens

An EFT Beginner’s Success

An EFT Beginner writes: I came to do part 1 of the EFT training with Gwyneth Moss about 3 months ago now - and came away thinking I needed to
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Red leaves at Parcevall Hall gardens

Talking to my Heart

Help Yourself with EFT - An Inspiring Story Tricia Bowden bought a book on EFT and started tapping all by herself.  She had been experiencing breathing problems that mystified the
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Statue holds out flower

EFT for the Overeating Gremlin

Christina from Switzerland read my post 'The Anxiety Gremlin' and sent me her experience of tapping. The Overeating Gremlin I had been struggling with weight issues and used and worked
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Butterfly wings spread

EFT Imagineering Helps Doctor

An EFT Imagineering story by Dr Kate James Dear Gwyneth, can I take this opportunity to thank you for pioneering and teaching this particular EFT technique . I have used
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Blue sky through clouds

EFT and Mental health

Jessica Mór, - The Courage to be Present This is the full recording and  text of Jessica Mor's deeply moving and profound EFT Gathering presentation on the role EFT played
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White water Lily wet leaves

EFT Helps Cancer Survivor

EFT Helps Cancer Survivor Manage Stress By Carmel Tobin and Gwyneth Moss GWYNETH: Carmel Tobin came on my EFT Practitioner weekend workshop and sent me this excellent case study of
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