What is EFT?

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Gwyneth says: my first reaction to EFT was to reject it out of hand.  Like me you are bound to be sceptical. How can tapping on your face make any difference to your behaviour, thoughts and feelings? So what is EFT? There are extravagant claims for EFT tapping all over the internet and the hype can be off-putting.  If you’ve come this far you must be curious so please read on because sometimes it needs more than just talking to feel calmer, think more clearly and get on with life.

I’m so glad I persisted because in my experience, and that of the thousands of people who have come to me feeling stuck or in emotional pain, EFT really does work.  I’ve seen so many people get free of the pain of the past and create joy in their lives.  I’d like to give you straight forward, common sense information in everyday language and you can draw your own conclusions.  An experience is better than an explanation. What is EFT? Lets start with Sue.

EFT Tapping

Life Long Terror of Heights

Sue kept away from windows in tall buildings, she panicked on hilly roads and flying was out of the question.  For Sue it was more than fear of heights it was sheer terror of heights. She could get by avoiding any high place but now her daughter was living overseas and Sue was desperate to go and see her but completely terrified to fly.  She was desperate enough to try something that looks daft, feels silly and to the rational, logical mind cannot possibly have any effect.  Only it did.

One Session of EFT Tapping

We had a tapping session together. Sue tapped on points on her face and upper body as I showed her. We talked about aspects of her fear as we tapped. Sue felt changes and I invited her to look out of the windows, we were on the second floor and initially she had refused to go anywhere near the windows. Sue was really surprised to find that she could look out calmly. So we took her up to the Ilkley Cow and Calf rocks.  The vertical drop from the rocks gets to most people. Sue was quite calm as we drove. Climbing on to the rocks though revealed more of her old problem and we tapped together until Sue could look down with confidence.  “That’s me!” she said on seeing a plane. What is EFT? That is EFT.

Dramatic Change

This was a long standing and deep seated fear.  How did it change completely and in such a short time? Modern science can’t yet answer that question. Tapping therapy techniques began in the 80s with American Psychologist, Roger Callaghan and were further developed by Gary Craig in the 90s. EFT came to the UK in 1999.  Now there are millions of people worldwide tapping. And a growing body of research, see the searchable database maintained by EFT International. One day we will have the answer to how it works, until then you can simply try it and see if it works for you.

What is EFT Tapping?

EFT tapping is a set of techniques that combine talking about the problem with tapping acupressure points on the face and body.  You can see Sue tapping on her collar bone.  It might seem unbelievable that such tapping can make any difference. But over and over again it does.  Sometimes change is quick and complete. And with more complex issues, each session is a small step in the right direction.

You can try for yourself a simple 5 minute self-help tapping routine Traffic Lights Tapping

What is EFT for?

EFT is for when our behaviours, thoughts, emotions and health are out of synch with what is actually happening.  Painful experiences, times of intense shock or prolonged stress from the past, sticks with us and shape our present behaviour and health. By releasing and reducing such stress, EFT can have remarkable effects. EFT can take us from re-living the past to re-telling it as just something that happened.  Not forgotten but not needing to be remembered in the same way. One woman said “the ouch has gone”

EFT is for Everyone

You can learn to use EFT for yourself.  You need no equipment, you can do it anywhere, you don’t have to believe in any faith system or contemplate your navel. There are free resources on the internet but making an appointment with an experienced practitioner, like Gwyneth, you can learn in a way that is tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.  Many people have freed themselves from the past and opened up their lives all by themselves.  However, working with an EFT Practitioner is like having a personal trainer.  Of course you can go to the gym and exercise on your own, but you’ll do more and go further with a trainer or in a class.

EFT tapping training workshop

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EFT Tapping Points

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