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EFT Helps Shoulder Pain

Brother’s Mystery Shoulder Pain Here is a Tapping Tale is from Viv Hailwood who taps with her brother for a mystery pain in his shoulder that the doctors can find no reason for. Viv thinks she knows the reason. Brother and sister have both been through a terribly traumatic time after the tragic loss of both their … Read more

How does EFT work

EFT for a Vague Feeling

How to Handle a Vague Feeling Sometimes we know what the problem is. We know that a certain person or a certain situation gives us a certain feeling – like nervous, frustrated or just plain uncomfortable. But sometimes we don’t know what the problem is or what sets it off, its all very vague and … Read more

How does EFT work 2

Emotion and Perception

Emotion and Perception:  EFT and CBT EFT makes it a two way street Aaron Beck, one of the founding fathers of cognitive behavioral therapy, said “emotion follows perception” meaning that the way we feel about a situation is a result of the way we perceive it. In this article we will be considering how, with … Read more

The EFT Words that Work

Finding the EFT Words that Work People ask “how do I use EFT to help with….”   This question is often asked with the expectation that there is a library of set-up phrases and if only they can be given the right words then EFT will work wonders for them. Well using EFT effectively isn’t quite … Read more