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Accredited Online EFT Training with Gwyneth Moss

What does it take to become a really effective, skilled EFT Practitioner?  First of all you need quality live online EFT training from an experienced teacher who inspires you. Then you need supportive small group coaching whilst you practice the techniques, build skill and prepare for for EFTi Practitioner certification.  EFT Practitioner training is accredited by EFT International.

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Gwyneth Moss EFT Master

In 2005 Gwyneth’s was recognised by Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, as one of the original EFT Masters. Her highly acclaimed EFT training has been revised and rewritten to offer you quality online EFT training experience.

Tapping is a practical skill.  Like learning how ride a bicycle or play the guitar.  There is not so much theory or head-learning – you get good at it by doing it.  You will watch and participate in live demonstrations for real issues.  Learning by seeing, hearing and feeling. Then carefully designed practical exercises get you tapping with other people right from the start with feedback sessions to consolidate learning from those experiences.  You will have lots of opportunity to ask questions and explore the concepts though group discussion. Video, audio and reading materials back up the live sessions.

EFT group tapping

Why Choose Gwyneth’s EFT Training

Jessica Mor says about EFT Training with Gwyneth Moss: “When I learnt to drive my driving instructor had such a calm, clear way of teaching and such a firm belief in what he was teaching that you couldn’t fail to feel confident even on your first drive out.  Twenty years later I can still hear his reassuring voice, issuing gentle reminders.  I’ve found that it’s been like that with you and your teaching Gwyneth; your voice, manner, approach, key phrases that I’ve heard repeated in the workshops or on the DVD’s, are there in my ears like auditory stabilisers as I have been begun my practice! Your voice goes with me, thank you.” 

Many EFT Practitioner training courses are taught with a powerpoint full of procedures dating back to the early days of EFT.  This is not the way to learn. My online EFT training course gives you an up-to-date, naturalistic, practical and human experience right from the start.  Our sessions are packed full of stories, metaphors and teaching tales that build one upon the other and are fitted to the needs and progress of the group. They cover the syllabus and yet go further and deeper into the topics to give you more understanding and more ability to develop your own skill and capability.

EFT is best learned in bite sized chunks.  So we have weekly online EFT training modules. Our training does not overload you and builds up the techniques one at a time.  Then we put those techniques together for you into a process or roadmap.  It is this roadmap which differentiates Gwyneth’s training.  We don’t just give you a bag of techniques and leave you floundering trying to work out how they fit together when faced with a real person in distress.   This online EFT training is designed to help you build the skill and confidence to be a really effective EFT practitioner by starting where your client is at and walking along side them to get where they wish to go.

Gwyneth Moss teaches EFT

Level One EFT in Four Modules

Gwyneth’s online EFT Practitioner training gets you started tapping without words for self-help and first aid then we build in clear, clean, words.  Learn how and why the past imprints on us. Learn how to target tapping to clean up thoroughly the effects of shock and stress.  Learn the simple questions that can uncover what an issue is all about.  And learn this in a straightforward, common-sense, practical way. Even if you have been tapping for years you will gain from this new and deeper understanding with both scientific and meridian explanations of EFT effectiveness. The online EFT Practitioner course covers:

Module One – No Words Tapping

Getting started in tapping for yourself and others, the history and evolution of tapping

  • Tapping without words for first aid and self help.
  • Traffic Light Tapping as a daily practice
  • The history and evolution of tapping through TFT, EFT and TTT
  • Simple meridian energy explanations of what is happening when we tap
  • Demonstration, exercise and discussion

Module Two – Words, Aspects and Being Specific

The function of words in targeting tapping to where it needs to go and how we find the words.

  • Why its important to use the person’s own words
  • Asking simple questions to get to specifics
  • What we mean by aspects and why they are important
  • Testing as we go and testing overall
  • Demonstrations and supervised exercises in breakouts

Module Three – Getting Free of the Past

How the past can get stuck with us and bring unwanted emotions and behaviours into the present. Techniques for using EFT to clear the emotion of shock and stress in past events.

  • Understanding how the past effects us, when it does and when it doesn’t
  • Why traumatic stress comes after its all over, the concept of the Time Capsule
  • The EFT Movie Technique and Tell the Story
  • Demonstration and discussion
  • Exercise on a single adult difficult memory

Module Four – Pain, Compulsion and Detective Work

Physical pain and symptoms or compulsive behaviour can follow from times of shock or stress. EFT can be a helpful release of tension and addition to strategies of recovery

  • The importance of medical help
  • Starting with the symptom leads us to the underlying shock and stress
  • Chocolate craving as an example of compulsive behaviour
  • Three levels of questions for approaching physical issues and compulsions
  • Demonstrations to show how it all fits together
  • Exercises and homework

Level Two EFT in Four Modules

Module One – The Gentle Techniques

When someone either could be overwhelmed we need to be gentle and allow tapping to get into the issue before they talk about it. Or someone may answer all questions with ‘dunno’ and be unable to connect to the problem. In both cases the EFT gentle techniques to take the edge off intensity and elicit clarity.

  • The Gentle Techniques of Sneaking Up, Body Sensations and Guessing
  • When and how to use these and the advantages of doing so
  • Avoiding potential overwhelm
  • Demonstration and discussion

Module Two – Freedom from False Truths

Gwyneth uses the expression False-Truths to describe our limiting beliefs, they are short statements like “I can’t…” “people always…” “life is…” that feel true but are objectively false. EFT can loosen the grip of these false truths and so open up possibility.

  • The effects of limiting beliefs or False-Truths
  • how we can use EFT to release them
  • Core issues and how to find them
  • Demonstration and discussion

Module Three – Opening Up Possibility

Once we have thoroughly cleared the weeds of the past we have clear ground and can plant the seeds of possibility.

  • Thorough testing using rehearsal and reality testing
  • Orienting to the future
  • When and how to skilfully use positive language
  • setting intention and using affirmation

Module Four – Children, Animals and Groups

Group work with EFT enables us to ‘borrow benefits’ even if we are too shy to participate. Children love to tap and we discuss how to introduce them to tapping. Distant or surrogate tapping is how we work with animals.

  • EFT for groups and borrowing benefits
  • Considerations for introducing EFT to children of different ages
  • EFT for animals and surrogate tapping

Coaching to Practitioner Certification

After the Level One and Level Two training courses you will be able to sign up for a small group mentoring to reach certification. This enables you to revisit concepts from the training, get your questions answered and most importantly give you guidance and support as you get started in tapping with others and preparing for certification through EFT International.

Gwyneth's group at Esalen

Gwyneth’s EFT Training Group at the Esalen Institute

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