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What does it take to become a really effective, skilled EFT Practitioner?  First of all you need great training then you need lots of practice.  With the EFT Guild our two weekend courses teach you the EFT techniques and process.  Then membership of the EFT Guild community gives you the support and encouragement to keep tapping and build skill in preparation for the Practitioner evaluation.

So, in brief, you need to do:

EFT Guild Part One, two day training

EFT Guild Part Two,  two day training

Join the EFT Guild for practice and support  www.EFTguild.org

Submit your case studies for Practitioner Evaluation

EFT group tapping

EFT Guild Training Courses

EFT is a practical skill.  Like learning how to swim or ride a bicycle or play the guitar.  You have some training and then get good at it by doing it.  There is little head learning and a great deal of hands-on knowhow.

Through varied learning experiences you draw your own conclusions and learn in your own way.  There are live demonstrations for real issues.  And carefully designed practical exercises get you tapping with other people right from the start.  You will have lots of opportunity to ask questions and discuss what you experience.

My aim as a teacher is to maintain and communicate the core principles and processes of EFT congruent with the original formulation by Gary Craig.  Just as a teacher of watercolours should teach concepts such as colour, composition and perspective independent of their own personal style as an artist: my courses are designed to teach the core EFT concepts.   Each of us then makes EFT our own and develops our own style of delivery. Effectiveness requires however, that the core concepts: eliciting specific events, clearing all aspects, and thorough testing are common to all.”

Why Choose the EFT Guild

Many EFT Practitioner training courses are taught with a powerpoint full of procedures dating back to the early days of EFT.  This is not the way to learn. The EFT Guild training courses have been completely rewritten to give you a naturalistic, practical experience right from the start.  They are packed full of stories, metaphors and teaching tales that build one upon the other.

EFT is best learned in bite sized chunks.  Our training does not overload you but builds up the techniques one at a time.  Then puts those techniques together for you into a process or roadmap.  It is this roadmap which differentiates EFT Guild training.  We don’t just give you a bag of techniques and leave you floundering trying to work out how they fit together when faced with a real person in distress.   This training is designed to help you build the skill and confidence to be a really effective EFT practitioner.

Gwyneth Moss teaches EFT

EFT Guild Part One

Part One of our EFT Practitioner training gets you started with clear, clean, skilful EFT.  And there is more that is not taught elsewhere.  Learn how and why the past imprints on us. Learn how to target tapping to clean up thoroughly the effects of shock and stress.  Learn the simple questions that can uncover what an issue is all about.  And learn this in a straightforward, common-sense, practical way. Even if you have been tapping for years you will gain from this new and deeper understanding.

– Both scientific and meridian explanations of EFT effectiveness

– Carefully designed exercises to learn how to tap and find the words

– The skilful way to clear the effects of a painful memory

– EFT for aches and pains

– EFT for compulsions and cravings

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EFT Guild Part Two

Our new Part Two puts it all together and gives you a roadmap to navigate through an EFT session.  Learn how to avoid potential overwhelm.  How to transform limiting beliefs.  How to test really thoroughly.  How to set a desired future direction. This course goes further than any other EFT practitioner training in building your skill and confidence to tap with others. Many who have trained with other trainers say they have gained through repeating this course.

– the EFT Gentle Techniques to sneak up and work indirectly

– False-Truths and how we clear them

– Setting intention and using affirmation

– EFT for groups and borrowing benefits

– EFT with children

– EFT for animals and surrogate tapping

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Full information is available once you join the EFT Guild.  

Gwyneth's group at Esalen

Jessica Mor says about EFT Training with Gwyneth Moss: “When I learnt to drive my driving instructor had such a calm, clear way of teaching and such a firm belief in what he was teaching that you couldn’t fail to feel confident even on your first drive out.  Twenty years later I can still hear his reassuring voice, issuing gentle reminders.  I’ve found that it’s been like that with you and your teaching Gwyneth; your voice, manner, approach, key phrases that I’ve heard repeated in the workshops or on the DVD’s, are there in my ears like auditory stabilisers as I have been begun my practice! Your voice goes with me, thank you.” 

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