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Its so hard to write about myself!  So I asked my students and members of the EFT Guild for some words about me and my teaching. This is what they gave me:

Compassionate.  Kind.  Gently powerful. Creates safety. Patient. Loyal. No fuss. No hype. No bullshit. Trustworthy. Comprehensive. Thorough. Experienced. Pragmatic. Integrity. Sincerity. Solid in her body of knowledge and experience.  Not afraid to speak her truth. Walks her talk.

An uncanny ability to bring clarity and find the images, metaphors, stories, structures and models that make new concepts easy to follow and understand.  Intelligent humour. Curious. Deeply intuitive.  Just  knowing what is.  Unflinching.  Visionary. Creative. Inspiring. Open minded.  Shining. Wisdom is knowing the right path to take.  Integrity is taking it.

Gary Craig, Ann Adams and the UK EFT Masters in 2005

What the EFT Masters say

Sue Beer

Gwyneth is a born teacher. She has an extraordinary ability to  grasp the most complex material and translate it into clear and straightforward, fun understandings that stick. She is a lover of the simple and a medium of the profound. Gwyneth is funny, passionate and brave. The EFT world is lucky to have her.

Jaqui Crooks

Gwyneth is a star! Clear, concise and very knowledgable. She can make complicated scientific ideas easy to understand. Her Imagineering technique is so simple and yet creates profound shifts. She’s great at teaching EFT as she can explain concepts and techniques with clarity, making it easy for people to absorb and she is very supportive of her trainees. She’s great fun too.

Emma Roberts

Gwyneth is a natural teacher and has that rare gift, so often missing in teaching, of being able to present complex and challenging ideas in an entertaining and absorbable fashion.  She makes learning new concepts both clear and easy.  Gwyneth is also a skilled therapist, working with a wining combination of directness, gentleness and humour.  In her love for her work nothing is ever too much trouble.

Ann Ross 

Gwyneth shines and comes alive when she is teaching!  The joy of sharing new information or a new technique is intrinsic to her presence as a Trainer of EFT.  It has been my pleasure to sit back and watch how her information unfolds in a beautiful, ordered, interesting way, with lots of stories and metaphors.  A delight to be a part of it.

She has a gift of being able to teach the science as well as drop into the intuitive deeper, compassionate levels of EFT.  Her ability to have people laughing as they learn is great to witness.  Her work with brain waves has been fascinating.  Gwyneth stands up for what she believes in and she believes in excellence! She really is an EFT Master!

Judy Byrne 

Gwyneth has a rare knack of combining a profound understanding of EFT with a simplicity of explanation and presentation that makes her a natural both as a teacher and as a promoter of EFT.  She does  both with drive, skill and passion.  She is both a thinker and a doer who seems to build rapport with new technology as easily as she absorbs and integrates new ideas about and understandings of energy therapy.  Gwyneth can be counted on to stick her head above the parapet for what she believes in. She is funny, too.

EFT Brainwaves conference
Exploring Consciousness Conference with live EEG brainwaves display of EFT session

How I Got Here

To have helped so many people to get free of emotional clutter and enjoy life more gives me tremendous satisfaction. We are all unique and each of us has our gift to offer; it can just take some finding. Through this work in teaching others the magic of EFT, I have found mine. Sometimes we can only see clouds and times seem dark and grey. However, it is the clouds that are temporary; the sky is always blue behind the clouds.

I have been through those dark cloud times myself and I found that prescription drugs and conventional counselling did not help me. My work now is to seek and master that which is practical, effective and helps quickly and easily. 

Learning and Teaching

Growing up in Yorkshire, I was a mathematical gladiator and went to Cambridge to study physics.  My first career was in oil exploration and I was an expatriate for seven years in Africa, the Pacific and Middle East. Then after an MBA at Cranfield I worked in London and New York as a management consultant.   At the age of forty, escaping that corporate world, I travelled across America, hiked the Colorado Trail and roamed around Arizona.  

Coming back to Yorkshire, a whole load of coincidences happened, EFT found me and took over my life! Right from the start in 2001, I knew that EFT was what I was here to do. I studied Gary Craig’s video tapes over and over again. Gary announced the EFT Masters exam in 2005 (he withdrew it in 2007) and I was one of the first people in the UK to pass that rigorous and comprehensive test.

Since then I have been studying, teaching, learning and presenting EFT at training courses, events and conferences in the UK, Europe and USA.  It was an honour to be the first EFT trainer to lead workshops at the Esalen Institute.

In Loving Memory of Margaret Abraham

Online EFT Training

Accredited EFT training for in-house groups and teams
EFT tapping together

EFT Practitioner Resources

Gwyneth's resources to help advance your craft.
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Advanced EFT

EFT is an endless journey of learning and innovation

Creating Community

Like dancing EFT is something we best do together.  In 2009 the idea came to me after attending a Cowboy Gathering in Wyoming that EFT needed the same focus of community.  So I started the EFT Gathering conferences which are now in their eighth successful year and with international presenters.  Do join us!

Gwyneth Moss presents at EFT Gathering

Encourage, Support, Evaluate, Celebrate

There is such a magical, uplifting feeling when EFT people get together at the EFT Gathering that I wanted to keep that spirit going all year.    And so the EFT Guild was born.  The Guild is an online EFT community that seeks to encourage EFT newcomers, support practitioners, and to celebrate all we do. If you have completed EFT training to Level 2 you can join us

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