EFT and Brainwaves

What we learned about EFT from observing Brainwaves

We both learned a lot about how consciousness operates and how to be more effective with EFT from observing EFT sessions with live EEG brainwave monitoring.  Not only did we see the effects of tapping made visible but what we observed made us more skilled practitioners.

Duality Tapping

Linda Wood talks with Gwyneth about her Duality Tapping protocol. Duality is about opposites and Duality Tapping is a process which uses opposites to dissolve the conscious and unconscious tension between desire and fear. Gwyneth says “duality tapping is an extraordinary process and I must remember to use it more”

Dancer at Waterfall

Marketing EFT

Five Top Tips on Marketing EFT My good friend Dawn Clarkson is an accountant.  She now runs a thriving accountancy practice in North Yorkshire with several hundred clients, a growing number of staff and offices in grand Thornborough Hall. When I first met Dawn, more than ten years ago, she had just ten clients and … Read more

Gwyneth Moss and Jondi Whitis

What is EFT? – Gwyneth & Jondi – 1

What is EFT?

One summer day Jondi Whitis in New York called Gwyneth Moss in Yorkshire.  So began our series of transatlantic tapping talk conversations.   Quite a few years later and we are still talking.

In our first conversation Jondi asks what is EFT?  And Gwyneth responds with her ideas of what EFT is and what EFT is not.   Listen in for her simple explanation of brain architecture and ‘puppy school for the inner dog’

Gwyneth Moss and Jondi Whitis

Testing in EFT – Gwyneth & Jondi – 5

Thorough Testing in EFT, Jondi interviews Gwyneth

In our fifth conversation Gwyneth and Jondi talk about truly effective and useful testing in EFT. Gwyneth introduces her concept of T-T-R-R or Tapping > Testing > Rehearse > Reality.  Thorough testing builds confidence for the client and assures the helper that they have done a good job.

EFT Imagineering – Gwyneth & Jondi – 6

EFT Imagineering interview and demo

In our this conversation Gwyneth and Jondi discuss the use of imagery in Gwyneth’s innovative technique EFT Imagineering.  The audio includes a full demonstration of EFT Imagineering as we tap for Jondi’s problem with her knees.  EFT Imagineering is a clean, simple and profound technique to bring EFT help to physical symptoms which are painless.

Let the Tapping do the Work – Gwyneth & Jondi – 7

The Tapping Does the Work

In our this conversation Gwyneth and Jondi discuss the role of the words and the tapping in EFT and say let the tapping do the work.  Its not the words that make the change, you do not need to push or pull with words.  The function of the words in EFT is to tune in the energy disturbance.  Its the tapping that makes the change that gets stuck energy flowing again.  Listen in and learn how to work skilfully and avoid common pitfalls.

EFT Brainwaves conference

EEG Brainwaves and EFT

Exploring Consciousness with EFT and EEG

Jondi Whitis asks Gwyneth Moss what she learned from live EEG brainwaves monitoring of EFT.  Gwyneth explains her understanding of how the brainwaves frequency ranges relate to subjective experience.  She observed that when we use EFT, brainwave patterns calm, become more symmetrical and better balanced between the ranges.  The increased output of delta waves when we tap led Gwyneth to formulate ideas about how surrogate tapping and distance healing may function.  A fascinating interview.

EFT Brainwaves conference

Exploring Consciousness: EEG and EFT

Gwyneth Moss talks about EFT and Brainwaves interviewed by George Duisman What Happens When we Tap? To answer that question we spent a weekend with neuro-monitoring experts Donna Bach and Gary Groesbeck and the MindMirror EEG technology.  We saw how our brainwaves calm and stabilise when we do EFT. Read on to find out more … Read more