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The EFT Movie Technique

The EFT Movie Technique By Gwyneth Moss, EFT Master First published by Gary Craig, EFT Founder on www.emofree.com     Hi Everyone, As EFT Master Gwyneth Moss of the UK says, “The EFT Movie Technique is a valuable and trustworthy workhorse with many applications.” In this 4 part article she explores its many features. This … Read more

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Supporting EFT Practitioners

Part 2: Being a Supporter In the first article I wrote about the benefit of EFT supervision or support for those who are using EFT to help others. Now I would like you to think about how to be a helpful and valued supporter. Undivided Attention To offer support is to offer your undivided attention. … Read more

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EFT Practitioners Need Support

Last week I called one of my Level 3 Trainees. She is a highly experienced and skilled psychotherapist who runs a busy local practice. I asked her “Do you do supervision?” “Yes” “Could you supervise me?” “What me? Supervise you?” There was surprise in her voice. So I explained that I needed to change my … Read more

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EFT helps public speaking

Mother Tongue I recently attended the Milton H Erickson Foundation Brief Therapy conference in Anaheim, California. One evening I found myself in the bar and in conversation with an engaging and intelligent psychotherapist. We spoke about our experiences of the conference and she asked me about my practice in the UK and was very interested … Read more

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The Emotional Gardener

Weeding your Emotional Garden with EFT Just as our physical health requires cultivation through good nutrition, rest and exercise, our emotional health requires us to use our imagination and thinking skills and to de-clutter ourselves of emotional baggage. The past is to be learnt from, not lived in. Maintenance of our emotional gardens is a … Read more

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Humour for an EFT Skeptic

Can you remember your reaction when you first heard about EFT? Were you a sceptic? I was. When a therapist friend told me that he was getting better results by tapping on people’s faces my reaction was to conclude that he was away with the fairies and to dismiss it completely. Thankfully EFT kept on coming … Read more

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The EFT Tree Metaphor Part 2

Tapping on Trees – Part 2 In my first article in this series I introduced you to the TREE metaphor as means of navigating through an EFT session. The Trunk of the TREE is the trigger, whatever is out there or imagined or remembered to be out there. The Trunk of the TREE connects to … Read more

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The EFT Tree Metaphor

Gary Craig compares an emotional problem to a forest of trees. In my teaching I like to extend this metaphor of the trees and the forest to offer my trainees a useful model that can act as a guide to help navigate through an EFT session. Our emotional forests are filled with healthy trees of … Read more

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Positive EFT thoughts

Everyone wants to ‘Tap In” the Positives. Of course we do, the positives are the outcome we want.  And no one wants to focus on the negative – but stay with me because when you truely understand the real skill of EFT you understand that the magic of EFT is being able to safely and … Read more

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The EFT Anxiety Gremlin

We all have our anxieties. They pop up in expected and unexpected circumstances, serve a hard ball at us and suddenly there we are, out of control, and anxiety is calling the shots. Its like anxiety never stops playing the game – even when we are off the court and want to relax. Well here is something you can try with EFT  to catch anxiety out and take back control.  Just have a go with a playful attitude.

Tapping for the Anxiety Gremlin, Rue Hass interviews Gwyneth

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