EFT Helps Poo

EFT for 4 year with Constipation Lovely case of clearing the deeper fear underneath a symptom and using the box technique so that the tapping can get to the scary stuff. by Anonymous Mother My four year old daughter Lucy (not her real name) has had a history of occasional bad constipation, with cramping pains … Read more

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Pictures in Your Head

Tapping with Pictures In Your Head Are you making unhelpful pictures in your head about future events? Pictures of loss, disaster, failure? Do you find that the pictures of success and pleasant outcomes don’t seem to stick? Here is an idea for using tapping to change your pictures.  First choose one picture.  Focus on it, … Read more

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EFT Helps Overeating

Christina from Switzerland read my post ‘The Anxiety Gremlin’ and sent me her experience of tapping. EFT for the Overeating Gremlin I had been struggling with weight issues and used and worked through umpteen programmes, Energy Psychology ones as well, but still there were theses extra 5 – 7 pounds that seemed to be jumping … Read more

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EFT Imagineering Helps Doctor

Dear Gwyneth, Can I take this opportunity to thank you for pioneering and teaching this EFT Imagineering technique . I have used it personally with profound results, and am beginning to use it with others…….I!ll keep you posted! I feel it to have incredible potential and consider EFT to be an essential tool to have … Read more

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EFT and Mental Health

Jessica – The Courage to be Present This is the full recording and  text of Jessica’s deeply moving and profound EFT Gathering presentation on the role EFT played in her recovery from serious mental ill health. This presentation received a standing ovation and many people have been profoundly moved and inspired by listening to this … Read more

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EFT Helps Endometriosis

EFT Imagineering Helps Endometriosis Endometriosis is incredibly painful but in this case the periods and the pain were being suppressed by drugs and had been for some time. There was nothing to start tapping with. EFT Imagineering is a way of using tapping that I developed specifically to use when a physical condition has no pain … Read more

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EFT Helps Cancer Survivor

EFT Helps Cancer Survivor Manage Stress By Carmel Tobin and Gwyneth Moss GWYNETH: Carmel Tobin came on my EFT Practitioner weekend workshop and sent me this excellent case study of her work with “Sally” a woman who had come through the trauma of cancer diagnosis and treatment and was therefore sensitive about the level of … Read more

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EFT introductory groups

Running an EFT Introductory Evening I am often asked how do I run an Introduction to EFT evening? Well here is a tried and tested format that I have used with success. This format can take anything from one to two hours depending on how long you spend telling stories, answering questions and how much group … Read more

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Surrogate Tapping

The Distance EFT Process In Gary Craig’s retirement blog post he said there are two things about EFT “What it does and Where it points” and that surrogate tapping is leading us to Where it points. When I first found EFT, the tapping itself was weird enough for me and the idea that you could … Read more

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EFT Balances Brainwaves

Live EEG monitoring of brainwaves, before, during and after EFT tapping have shown interesting results. My first therapy teacher said: “don’t give ‘em an explanation, give ‘em an experience” and I have found this to be excellent advice to follow when introducing anybody to anything that is new to them. So often the words of … Read more

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EFT Boxes Technique

Boxes, Cans, Bags and Bottles Sometimes there is something that happened that we don’t want to face. Or someone who’s impact on our lives we would rather deny or ignore. Now its not necessarily abuse or anything really terrible, its often just the normal human conflicts, betrayals, feuds and disappointments that we simply have not … Read more

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Thorough EFT Testing

Tapping, Test, Rehearse, Reality Many people have an expectation of therapy that it will be long, drawn out and painful and that results will emerge slowly and delicately. Well EFT changes all of that: we soon learn to expect results in each session and results that are robust and lasting. So unlike conventional therapy, testing and … Read more