EFT introductory groups

Running an EFT Introductory Evening

I am often asked how do I run an Introduction to EFT evening? Well here is a tried and tested format that I have used with success. This format can take anything from one to two hours depending on how long you spend telling stories, answering questions and how much group tapping you do.

Its is usually a good evening. In fact there is something about tapping that brings people together and opens them up. So have fun!

1. First find out what your audience knows. Ask: Hands up if you know something about EFT? Hands up if you know nothing? The ask those who indicated something to share what they know. There may be some good stories here that get the skeptics curious.

2. Then introduce yourself and tell them your own journey from scepticism to enthusiasm and how tapping has helped you personally

3. Tell them some stories along the lines of ” a woman came to me who…. and after EFT she…” being careful of confidentiality. Give time for questions.

4. By now they should be keen for a tapping experience. I start with tapping for breathing as everyone is doing it. I get them to test their breathing for tension. Then show them where the tapping points are, tapping as we go. Then introduce the words. When I go round the group asking for before and after numbers most have shifted. Or you can do tension wherever in the body.

5. Then I produce chocolate biscuits and do a round with the group on chocolate craving. this is usually a lot of fun and most of the biscuits end up in the bin.  Alternatively I might do as a group ’embarrassing moment’. Do not do difficult memories or trauma with a group you don’t know.

6. I then give them the ABC sheet and tell them how and when to do tapping for themselves. I say that if they want to help others then they do need to do some training.

You can download the ABC sheet here.

Important –  have someone with you who is familiar with EFT in the event that someone in the audience needs some calm down tapping. With an audience you do not know there could be someone with a very high level of stress who could become emotionally hi-jacked when they start tapping. You need to have an assistant who can help that person to keep tapping and calm down

Good luck and have fun


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