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Learn EFT for Self Help

We are all different and all have individual needs.  Some people achieve remarkable change using EFT tapping for themselves.  Others need the help of an experienced EFT Practitioner to get started or for ongoing sessions. EFT Group work, a process we call Borrowing Benefits, can be both effective and cost-effective.  And some people like to learn from DVDs or online resources.

If you are experiencing, or recovering from, an episode of mental ill-health then it’s a good idea to speak first to the medical or mental-health professionals who have been helping you.  However, if they are not familiar with EFT they may not be able to advise you and will err on the side of caution.

EFT is for everybody and people have found tapping to be helpful when in extreme distress.  If you have a mental health diagnosis, you need to find someone to help who is both a qualified mental health professional and experienced with EFT.   Jessica Mor speaks about EFT and her personal recovery:  EFT and Mental Health

Traffic Lights Tapping

The easiest way for anyone to start tapping is with Gwyneth’s simple no-words tapping routine Traffic Lights Tapping. Combining calming breathing and acupressure tapping this five minute routine has been found by many to calm stress and anxiety.

Gary Craig’s EFT Resources

The founder of EFT, Gary Craig has made his online tutorial and library of EFT instructional videos available to you free of charge at www.emofree.com .  This is clear, thorough material that comes straight from the founder.  There is a lot to read and to watch.  To gain the most benefit from Gary Craig’s resources you need to treat it like a study programme and set aside time to work through the materials and practice. Be aware that some of the tapping instruction found online is sloppy or misleading. 

Learn to Help Yourself with Gwyneth

To learn one to one book an appointment with Gwyneth by Zoom video conference online. Gwyneth will tap with you for your issues and teach you how to continue for yourself.  Make an Appointment

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