Happiness Blossoms

EFT Helps Pianist

James Pelham is a professional pianist who was previously in a state of near panic with performance anxiety.   He told us he had never played as well in public as he could play on his own.   James had come to an EFT workshop with a friend but he remained sceptical.  This anxiety, he said, … Read more

EFT Helps Dental Phobic

Dental Tapping Tale Julie Moss attended my recent presentation to the British Psychological Association in Scotland. She writes: I’m dentist phobic. I have not had treatment for three years and usually take Valium to even get near the dentist’s chair.  Today was very different! Amazingly I was able to use EFT all by myself I … Read more

EFT works

EFT Helps Back Pain

Joan Draper suffered back ache since her younger days as a student nurse.   EFT helped clear long held in emotion and she tells how well the results have lasted. Joan writes:  On the Monday I returned from the Level 3 training I was walking the dog and in using the chukker to throw the … Read more

Linda Wood and Magic Buttons Bear

EFT Tapping Bears

Grandma and the Bear who was Afraid Linda Wood originated the Magic Buttons bears for children and adults.  Here is a lovely story that illustrates the magic of the bears to help a whole family. By Linda Wood  Recently, a lady emailed me and asked if I could help with her granddaughter who had extreme … Read more

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EFT Helps Teenager

Tapping with my Teenage Daughter By Karen Rowe Having trained in EFT with Gwyneth, I cannot begin to express how grateful I am at being able to help my children cope with difficult teenage emotions and conflict. These are very worrying times for young people, with all the pressure of friends, school and social activities. … Read more

EFT Helps Poo

EFT for 4 year with Constipation Lovely case of clearing the deeper fear underneath a symptom and using the box technique so that the tapping can get to the scary stuff. by Anonymous Mother My four year old daughter Lucy (not her real name) has had a history of occasional bad constipation, with cramping pains … Read more

EFT Helps Picky Eating

The Case of the Lonely Cucumber Gwyneth says: Phil Reed completed Trainer Training with me and I am delighted to share this superb tapping tale with you – it had me laughing out loud. Phil says: I was coaching a 15 year old boy (we’ll call him Pete), who had severe special educational needs, and … Read more

Parcevall Hall gardens

EFT Helps Family and Friend

An EFT Beginner writes: I came to do part 1 of the EFT training with Gwyneth Moss about 3 months ago now – and came away thinking I needed to do loads more training before I could help any one. EFT Helps Mum’s Migraine Well, 2 days after I’d been on the course my mum … Read more

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EFT Helps Me Breath Again

Talking to My Heart  By Tricia Bowden Tricia Bowden bought a book on EFT and started tapping all by herself.  She had been experiencing breathing problems that mystified the doctors and an increasing frequency of panic attacks.  By the time Tricia came on the EFT Foundations workshop she had learned a great deal about using … Read more

Path through Bluebells

EFT Helps Shoulder Pain

Brother’s Mystery Shoulder Pain Here is a Tapping Tale is from Viv Hailwood who taps with her brother for a mystery pain in his shoulder that the doctors can find no reason for. Viv thinks she knows the reason. Brother and sister have both been through a terribly traumatic time after the tragic loss of both their … Read more

Gargoyle and flowers

EFT Helps Overeating

Christina from Switzerland read my post ‘The Anxiety Gremlin’ and sent me her experience of tapping. EFT for the Overeating Gremlin I had been struggling with weight issues and used and worked through umpteen programmes, Energy Psychology ones as well, but still there were theses extra 5 – 7 pounds that seemed to be jumping … Read more