Acupuncture and EFT go well together, both seek to restore flow in the meridian system.

If you are in Yorkshire I highly recommend my acupuncturist Sarah Smith of Ilkley Acupuncture. Sarah works at The Wells Practice, 16 Wells Promenade, Ilkley, LS29 9LF.

Contact Sarah to arrange an appointment: please text to:  07774517432 {the purple booking link above is for EFT appointments only, for acupuncture please text Sarah)

Gentle, Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an evolved system of thought that has been adapted and built upon for over two millennia.

A restricted flow in the body ‘energy’ system is experienced as pain, physical or emotional. When flow is restored, pain can subside. Acupuncture is the healing craft of balancing the body’s energy to restore flow and thus promote natural healing.

Flow equals no Pain – Pain equals no Flow

We look at the complete picture a person presents, both physical and emotional.  Symptoms are regarded as ‘stuck’ patterns of tension held in the body’s meridian system. The body knows how to heal but held in tension blocks and slows natural healing. Our aim is to release that tension and so restore flow and good health. We do this using very, very fine needles that stimulate specific points. The needles are so fine that most people are not even aware when they are used.

Japanese Style Acupuncture in Ilkley with Sarah Smith BSc Hons, PG Dip AC

Sarah says: from when I was a child I always wanted to work in health care. My first degree was in Radiotherapy and I worked in the NHS for over ten years in cancer units. Meeting such brave people and putting them at their ease in times of stress and difficulty made the job very special for me.

I love learning new skills and ways to help people and I was curious about natural healing and the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I began to study at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York. This gave me new insight into what we understand by both health and dis-ease.

My own style has developed over my ten years of practice. I have incorporated elements of the very gentle of Japanese style acupuncture and five-elements based nutrition and love seeing how people respond so well to these methods. 

Acupuncture Sessions with Sarah

Lifestyle and small changes in daily habits can make such a big difference. When we combine what we can do ourselves with skilful treatment from a practitioner we are on the road to good health.

People who come to me for an acupuncture treatment generally find the whole experience very relaxing. 

First I will listen to you because you are the expert on yourself and I trust your instincts about what is going on. Then I will examine you, I’ll take your pulses and then gently press on points on your stomach, head and neck asking you what you experience. This enables me to create an completely individualised treatment protocol that addresses your physical and emotional needs. My approach is to treat you, not your diagnosis.

The needles I use are very, very fine. Most people do not feel anything at all when needles are inserted. The pattern and number of needles used will be directly related to your body’s needs.  We leave the needles in place for about twenty minutes.  People find this quiet time relaxing and may even doze off.

Since I started my acupuncture practice in Ilkley in 2010, I’ve treated many different people for many different reasons. The great majority have found these sessions to be highly beneficial.

If you have questions please use the contact form to reach me.

Acupuncture Professional Membership

Sarah Smith is a Member of the British Acupuncture Council (click on the link to verify her membership)