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EFT tapping together

Gwyneth’s Resources for EFT Practitioners

Dancer at Waterfall

Marketing EFT

Five Top Tips on Marketing EFT My good friend Dawn Clarkson is an accountant.  She now runs a thriving accountancy practice in North Yorkshire with several hundred clients, a growing
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Gwyneth Moss and Jondi Whitis

Gwyneth & Jondi – 1- What is EFT?

One summer day Jondi Whitis in New York called Gwyneth Moss in Yorkshire.  So began our series of transatlantic tapping talk conversations.   Quite a few years later and we
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EFT Brainwaves conference

EEG Brainwaves and EFT

Jondi Whitis asks Gwyneth Moss what she learned from live EEG brainwaves monitoring of EFT.  Gwyneth explains her understanding of how the brainwaves frequency ranges relate to subjective experience.  She
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Linda Wood and Magic Buttons Bear

EFT Tapping Bears

Grandma and the Bear who was Afraid Linda Wood originated the Magic Buttons bears for children and adults.  Here is a lovely story that illustrates the magic of the bears
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EFT tapping together

Pictures in Your Head

Pictures In Your Head Are you making unhelpful pictures in your head about future events? Pictures of loss, disaster, failure? Do you find that the pictures of success and pleasant
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Blue sky through clouds

EFT and Mental health

Jessica Mór, - The Courage to be Present This is the full recording and  text of Jessica Mor's deeply moving and profound EFT Gathering presentation on the role EFT played
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Peacock tail up

EFT Helps Endometriosis

EFT Imagineering Helps Endometriosis EFT Imagineering is an application of EFT that I developed specifically to use when a physical condition has no pain and is not visible. When you can
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White water Lily wet leaves

EFT Helps Cancer Survivor

EFT Helps Cancer Survivor Manage Stress By Carmel Tobin and Gwyneth Moss GWYNETH: Carmel Tobin came on my EFT Practitioner weekend workshop and sent me this excellent case study of
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Ducks on pond and autumn leaves

EFT introductory groups

Running an EFT Introductory Evening I am often asked how do I run an Introduction to EFT evening? Well here is a tried and tested format that I have used with
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Footprints in sand

Surrogate Tapping

The Distance EFT Process In Gary Craig’s retirement blog post he said there are two things about EFT “What it does and Where it points” and that surrogate tapping is
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Stave church carving

EFT Balances Brainwaves

Live EEG monitoring of brainwaves, before, during and after EFT tapping have shown interesting results. My first therapy teacher said: “don’t give ‘em an explanation, give ‘em an experience” and
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Carved door in Taos

EFT Boxes Technique

Boxes, Cans, Bags and Bottles Sometimes there is something that happened that we don’t want to face. Or someone who’s impact on our lives we would rather deny or ignore.
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