EFT Helps Chihuahua

Stella gets Aggressive

by Lindsay Boyer

I have two small dogs that are the light of my life. Stella and Stanley are both Chihuahua’s that I rescued from a local shelter. Upon first glance, Stella is usually everyone’s’ favourite. She is confident and a little sassy at times. Since I first brought Stella home, she has been my near constant companion. She has made me smile more times than not and I look forward to being with her every day.

I truly only had 3 problems with Stella and their names happen to be Maya, Alec and Genevieve; my nephew and nieces!(Ages 5, 3 and 2 ) Since she was small, Stella has never liked being around ‘little people’, as I call them. She has never bitten anyone, but she definitely makes herself known with snarls and the occasional teeth baring. I’ve been upset about this for a long time, as my nieces and nephew mean the world to me. Recently whilst attending EFT training in San Francisco with Gwyneth Moss EFT Master, I was picked to be part of a demonstration of surrogate tapping.

Stella was Afraid of Being Abandoned

We were speaking about EFT on animals and I was so happy that Gwyneth picked me. As we worked through the tapping with me speaking as if I was Stella and all the while feeling a bit silly but believing in the process, I began to understand Stella’s anxiety and anger toward the little people in my life. It was a very transformative moment for me when I realized that Stella just didn’t want to be abandoned again.

She worried that the children would take my attention and she would be back to the rescue shelter. She didn’t like the loud noises and many big dogs from the shelter she was in before and as I came to be in her life as her master and saving grace, she just didn’t want to be left ‘not knowing’ again. She wanted to be safe and secure.  We tapped through all those bad memories till I (as Stella) felt calm.

I left San Francisco with a renewed sense of hope that perhaps Stella could be in the presence of the kids and not be such a snot. Lol. As soon as I arrived back in Illinois, I immediately went to retrieve Stella and Stanley. All three of the kids happened to be at my older sisters house that day. I brought both of the dogs in and the children of course wanted to love and kiss on them. I half anticipated that Stella might run and snarl as per usual, but surprisingly, she sat there and let all three of the kids hold and hug on her! It was great! I sat there on the floor with my little munchkins and yelled to my younger sister to ‘get my camera!’ I’m attaching pictures from that great day.

EFT for dog agressive to children

As a newer practitioner and long time client of EFT, I cannot say enough(!) how much EFT can change your life and your dog’s life! It is, in my opinion, the most powerful and effective therapeutic technique that I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Thank you to all that have come before me and all those that continue to teach this modality. God Bless You! Lindsey Boyer Quincy, IL, USA

Stella used to growl and snarl at children here she is calm and at ease 

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