EFT Helps Cat- Molly

Molly and the Vaccuum Cleaner

Susan Myers writes:

My cat Molly was always very timid and was particularly fearful of the vacuum cleaner, so much so that just hearing me bringing it down the stairs would see her fleeing to one of her hiding places. I attended the EFT Workshop  where we were to learn how surrogate tapping could be done for animals. I took the role of my cat, Molly and as a group we surrogate tapped for her fear of the vacuum cleaner. I admit I was a little sceptical, after all, Molly was at home 8 miles away – how could it possibly work?

On getting home I found Molly sitting contentedly on the sofa. I wasted no time in going upstairs and proceeded to bring the vacuum cleaner down the stairs. I entered the lounge and to my surprise Molly was still sitting on the sofa. I placed the vacuum cleaner on the floor in front of her. She looked at it but didn’t move. I then switched it on – she stayed where she was! From that day on, Molly appeared to have lost her fear of the vacuum cleaner.

Scared of the Mouse

Some weeks later, Molly refused to go into the Kitchen. For a few days prior I had noticed her sniffing around the cupboards and drawers under the kitchen sink area. I couldn’t understand what the problem was until I discovered mouse droppings in one of the drawers. Molly had obviously detected something was there that shouldn’t be and it was making her nervous. You would have thought her reaction would have been the exact opposite as cats are supposed to chase mice but obviously Molly was different (she had always been a house cat so never been exposed to such things).

One evening I decided to try some surrogate tapping for her, using Magic Buttons Bear rather than tapping on myself. I tapped on Magic Buttons; Even though I can hear scratching noises behind the drawers and cupboards and I don’t know what it is, it shouldn’t be there and it’s scaring me, I’m a really, really good cat and Susan loves me. I did quite a number of rounds on this. Next day Molly started going back into the kitchen as usual. (We got rid of the mouse shortly afterwards).

Content up to the End

One final occasion when surrogate tapping was used for Molly was when she was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure. It was Christmas Eve. She was found to be in such an advanced state of the disease that she wasn’t expected to live through Christmas. I immediately thought of using EFT. I tapped on myself as Molly all through the Christmas period, a few times a day, for any physical and emotional issues which I felt were present in Molly. On Boxing Day, the vet was stunned that Molly was still alive. I carried on tapping for Molly every day and although she was ‘slowing down’ somewhat, she appeared content and ate some food every day.

Just before the New Year the vet was yet again ‘stunned and totally baffled’ as to how Molly was still surviving. She was defying everything the tests were showing! Despite my efforts, sadly Molly collapsed on 3 January and had to be put to sleep. I was unaware that her heart and lungs had been affected which unfortunately I didn’t tap for. If I had known weeks prior to her diagnosis that her kidneys were starting to fail and tapped for her at that point, perhaps she would still be alive today, who knows.

I wasn’t able to save Molly but I take comfort in the fact that EFT appeared to have kept her content and pain free right up to the end. She had also been generally a much calmer cat from the time of her very first surrogate tapping session. Molly’s memory will live on not just as a wonderful and loving companion but also as being one of EFT’s success stories for Surrogate Tapping on Animals.

Susan Myers susan.myers@virgin.net

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