EFT Retreats

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EFT Helps Retreats

All of us who help others need some time away for ourselves.  Since 2006 I ran regular EFT retreats at Parcevall Hall in the Yorkshire Dales.  These retreats that bring together small bands of travellers on the EFT journey enable you to take a transformative step forwards.  The retreats are now run in Ilkley and follow the same format.

“Thanks so much for an amazing time. I have learned so much and my EFT practice has been taken to another level”

My intention is that you drive away having taken a big step on your personal journey; refreshed and relaxed; with inspiring learnings and insights; and with renewed commitment to help your existing clients and full of enthusiasm (and ideas) for attracting new ones.

“Your retreat work, gave me an experience of a quality no other EFT practitioner or other therapy ever did”

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 Transformation and Tranquility

Whatever your practice, if you use EFT to help yourself and others, then these retreats are designed for you.  To give you space and time to gain helpful insight, learn new approaches and loosen the ties of whatever holds you back.

We’ll have two days of learning, sharing, tapping, clearing, good company and home cooked lunches in peaceful surroundings.  A time to explore group work, EFT innovations or simply a place to bring your own issues for personal growth.  This experience is open to all who are familiar with EFT.

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EFT Retreat Format

We commence by getting to know each other and each will have the opportunity to state what they would like to gain from the retreat.  Over the two days each person will have their own session during which they can set the direction of the group.  All can participate in each session by borrowing benefits and contributing to discussion.

The retreat price of £225 includes vegetarian lunch.

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Ilkley Healing Centre

Ilkley Healing Centre is an oasis of calm.  Founded thirty years ago by Christine and Arthur Bailey as a home for their meditation and healing practices, the house and garden are welcoming and supportive.  Gwyneth hosts you in her home for a nourishing vegetarian lunch each day and you have the option to join the group for dinner at a local restaurant. There are places to stay nearby Where to Stay in Ilkley

Our retreat sessions are in the meditation room and we form a group like the EFT Helps Videos groups.

If you would like to know more about the format of the retreat or have any questions then please give me a call on 01943 600522

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Presence – Parcevall 

Held within our body
Wrapped by strong stone walls
A stream of rich resources
Are waiting for your calls
Retreat within the garden
Planted moons ago
Swallows fledge above us
Abundance steps below
These gems dwell in the valley
The cleft amongst the moors
The depths bring gifts of laughter
Then the spirit soars

Liz Jupp – July 2008

(written on the Skipton Train)


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