EFT Helps Shire Horse

Tapping for Jack

Jack is an 18.2 hand Shire horse (that means he is a very, very big horse) belonging to a friend of a friend of Heather Smiles. Heather has never met Jack or his owners. Here is an e-mail dialogue between Heather and Jack’s Granny (his owner’s mother).  Heather has successfully used EFT for her own horses now tries tapping for a horse she has never met and not even seen a photo of.

EFT Healing Heartworms

16th December 2008 Heather Smiles:

Jen tells me…you’ re struggling to get Jack well. Not sure if I can help, but I would happy to do a bit of EFT surrogate healing for him if you would like me to try? Could you send me a brief history and some photos please? Just ignore me if you think its nuts! Heather

Jack’s Granny:

Oh Heather, that is soooo kind of you, bless you. I don’t think you are nuts either. Clare has owned Jack for over 4 years now. From first owning him she noticed occasionally a nasty smell from his nose. Every time anyone else tried to smell it, it disappeared! He had Baytril and other antibiotics, only for it to return again. It ended up that he needed a tooth out. Vet said it had infected his jawbone.

He was in the vets for almost 4 weeks, wasn’t put under full anaesthetic. They tried to wiggle it loose, and then they made a hole in his face and knocked it out! There was an enormous amount of puss, which had gone into his sinuses. He had a sinus flush and came home. He went down suddenly with lammi, short lived, but frightening non-the less, as he is an 18.2hh Shire. I am sure it was toxin related though as never had it before and not since.

Some months later the smell came back again they tried Bayril etc. It ended up him going back in to have the sinuses flushed end of Aug, beg of Sept this year. When he had been out the vets for a few weeks, he was very lethargic; head hung real low even walking in from field. Only a slight temp, then he started pawing the ground. Got vet out again, he thought tumour, ulcers, and colic. Back in vets they did tests for peritonitis, worm burden that he didn’t have, hepatitis C, x-rayed his head and neck. Everything clear apart from when they did the gastro scope and ulcers showed up, they were moderate. 28 days of Gastro guard, back to vets for gastro scope, ulcers gone.

He is on ulcer, immune and digestive herbs at the mo, but the smell from the nose is back, just as before, not often, but there none the less. EDT (equine Dental Technician) came out Fri and can find nothing wrong with his teeth, checking carefully where the tooth was removed from, no food/debris caught anywhere. He actually went to bite Clare the other day and believe me that is NOT Jack, its just like he is trying to tell her something, but we don’t quite know what! It just feels like we are starting the whole vicious circle again! The only piccie I have of him is on my avator (sp) at the mo and to be honest am a complete puter numpty. Will try and get son to put one up tomorrow if I can. Once again thanks for trying/thinking about helping, it is really appreciated. Oh, I bet you didn’t think you would get such an epistle did you? Thanks Gwen.

22nd December 2008 Heather Smiles:

Well, Gwen, Like I say, I’m still a bit sceptical of distance healing – although I don’t know why! I’ve seen marvellous stuff done with people – and even managed a couple of near miraculous improvements in people myself, even as a beginner, but distance healing for an animal stretches my belief system a wee bit. However, It can’t do any harm to give it a go.

I’ve spent an hour or so this afternoon, just tapping on the teeth, lammi, ulcers…..so see if you think he’s any different. This is going to sound whacko, but the things that came up were.. ‘Feeling guilty for being a drain on his peoples energy’ ‘feeling that dying might be easier, but that he really wanted to get well’ that he had a lot left to give his people tapped for his ulcers last, and got it down (in comfort) from a 6 (out of 10) to a 0, but then it went up when he thought about eating in his stable. So I worked on that a bit, and had a big impression of a very sleepy horse feeling like he could rest…. so call the folks who own the jackets with long sleeves that tie up at the back….. I’ll give it another go tomorrow. cheers!

[ Heather’s notes: From my hand written notes of this session I’d noted that I had got rather shivery, and hadn’t known whether I was just cold, or whether this was some indication of an infection. Felt very tired and dispirited. I put some positive words in ‘ choosing to be well and recovering’ and ‘calm and peaceful’]

Jack’s Granny Hi ya – I asked Clare how Jack seemed tonight when she came in from seeing to the horses. She said he seemed more relaxed. Now she didn’t know I had been PMing you, so coincidence or what? I have had the feeling he feels guilty too. Not said this to anyone, not even Jen. Also I have had the feeling about him wanting/not wanting to give up, in short better off dying. Could see it in his eyes the other day too. You can tell Jen he is off the soaked oats. Tell her I had a word with Finn and then discussed with Clare. He had the new feed this p.m. and for the life of me I cannot bl**dy remember what it is, although can remember its unmollassed.

He has been rather grumpy in the stable, ending up one time that he actually bit Clare! This is sooooo NOT like Jack too. I personally think he is trying to tell us that he is not well again and asking in a horsy way for us to help him. Perhaps I will ask for the jackets with long sleeves for both of us, shall I? Thanks Heather it is really appreciated.

28th December 2008 Heather Smiles:

Hi there, how’s things? done another couple of sessions and come up with some more weird stuff! How is Jack? I did some tapping Saturday and Sunday I did a session where the feeling was that Jack was overwhelmed. Odd, claustrophic feeling of the roof closing in and the walls…very odd! Really clear sensations in my stomach and chest (quite scary!) and it was almost like there was just too much pressure???? Tapped that away, along with a couple of other things, next morning I checked it again and it was much less, but more in my chest and breathing.

Heigh ho let me know if you feel there has been any change…. its a bit odd, because although I logically felt like I should tap for the physical sensations, all that kept coming to me were emotions….

[Notes to self: Did the first session whilst I was in the bath! Felt Jack was feeling really bad because of the worry he caused his people, but whilst tapping for this, suddenly realised that whether they worried or not was out of his control. His folks worried or not, and that was not his problem. Felt amazed and relived and quite excited by the thought! Had a sensation of purposeless. Almost in the absence of his guilt, what else was there?

I had a really strong feeling of being totally overwhelmed, really odd sensation, and quite scary! Easily an 8 out of ten, and mainly in my stomach, and felt really crowded. I presume, after reading Gwen’s reply that it might have been to do with the chiropractic treatment he was having at roughly the same time as I was tapping. He would have been restrained, and a lot of the treatment would involve ‘pressing’ on parts of his body – accompanied by some discomfort. I tapped it down to a 2, and then tested by thinking of people in his stable, horses getting too close etc but got no reaction, and actually felt like I’d been politely told to ‘shut up now’ so I stopped.

Plus the bath water was getting cold! The following morning I checked the ‘overwhelmed’ sensation, nothing in my stomach, but some constriction in my breathing and a tight chest. Tapped for the heavy blue ball in my chest until it was tiny and translucent… Could find no other issues to tap for.]

Jack’s Granny

Hi ya – We had the McTimony/Chiro out to the horses on Sat and he had quite a bit wrong with him on back and neck. Lady said it was to do with what had happened him at vets. He was very, very sore though and this was around lunchtime. He was not a happy bunny when she was seeing to him, but having said this, this is the first time he has had anything really wrong with him, so totally new experience of pain to make it better if you know what I mean for him. Not really noticed much more difference though. Sorry. Hasten to add all this was done in the stable! Thanks for still trying it is appreciated. Not had any more smells from his nose though as yet, but if its like before it was very intermittent then, so maybe means nothing. Thanks Gwen.

28th January 2009 Heather Smiles:

Hi there, how’s things? Just wondering how Jack was, and if you think anything I did had any effect? If you could jot down anything that has improved or changed, even if you don’t think it was down to the eft, it would be useful, as I can maybe use Jack as a case study. I’ve got a few good human ‘cases’ but doing a long distance horse might be quite an interesting one for my trainer, even if the results weren’t dramatic. Hope all going well. Heather

Jack’s Granny: Hi ya – Jack is doing real well. Don’t know if I should have put that down, you know tempting fate and all that LOL Clare started taking his temperature on 14th it was 37.8 – 15th 37.7 – 16th 37.6 – 17th 37.5 – 18th 37.6. He has had no smell from the 14th to present date. His behaviour is really good, no trying to nip Clare, no grumpiness and the day before yesterday he was splashing/playing in a puddle and the same today. He has been playing with Saintly as well over the fence, so quite a marked improvement.

Oh, also he is going right round the other side of the field to graze which he wasn’t doing when the ulcers were playing him up. Have made a mental note to watch out for that in the future. Have a gut feeling (know it seems daft but,) just feel that if he feels unwell he wants to be nearer Saintly and Daisy. Now you will maybe think I am really wappy eh? We did put him on thyroid herbs for 7/10 days, but nothing else altered apart from the oats being removed from his feed, which was a few weeks ago now. Should have listened to Jen earlier on that one, but we live and learn. He seems contented in the stable, even at the gate waiting to come in if the weather is bad, the big wuss. I really appreciate you trying to help Heather, I really do. Thank you sooooo much. Hope you are all OK there. Take care. Love Gwen

[Heather’s notes to self It seems that Jack is definitely feeling better, but how much this was down to the tapping, I suppose one will never know! Not much seems to have changed for Jack, in his routine etc, bar a few small changes in diet and his back treatment, so maybe there is some leeway to take some of the credit! If nothing else, I found it really interesting to get such clear feedback from a horse I don’t know, owned by people I’ve never met! Although I have worked with my own horses, I don’t think the experience was as powerful, I am keen to do some more work with horses, both my own and those belonging to total strangers! I find it fascinating to work with them!]

25th February 2009 Jack’s Granny Hi ya –

You can use any of the written information I have sent to you, absolutely anything and CONGRATULATIONS!! Jack is doing real well, although I am still grabbing onto the wood at every opportunity LOL. Clare has started riding him again, all be it walking only and he is really enjoying it. No more smell from the nose which is brilliant, no more sign of pain or discomfort in the stomach. No more mardiness either. Cant thank you enough for your help Heather, we really, really appreciate it. Whatever it was you did! Just HAD to add this. I have only just realised that I have had no pain under my eyes (sinus) either for the last few weeks. Wonder if it is connected, although I am not Jacks owner, Clare is. Makes you wonder, doesnt it?

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