Womens’ Tapping Groups with Gwyneth Moss and Peta Gelder


All day themed womens tapping groups that really shift stuck stuff!  Gwyneth has teamed up with reiki healer Peta Gelder to offer these extraordinary and transformational tapping days.

Working as a group we tune into both the known and the unseen and tap to clear the blocks.  Group work magnifies the energy shifts and you benefit from the work of others as well as your own issues.

A supportive and confidential space to work through issues and create new possibilities.

Join us in Peta’s workshop space above the Veggie Cafe on Leeds Road in Ilkley.  And join us at the cafe for lunch.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Relationship Pattern Clearing

Clear your relationship patterns with Gwyneth and Peta 22nd April in Ilkley
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Financial Fear Releasing

Release financial fear with Gwyneth Moss and Peta Gelder 9th May in Ilkley
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Intuition Opening

Intuition Opening

Clear blocks to your intuition with Gwyneth Moss and Peta Gelder in Ilkley 20th May
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