EFT Helps Video 6 – Too Much Tragedy

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Gillian has coped bravely through multiple tragedies of family deaths and mental illness. Yet all she can see is her own failure. EFT helps her process intense emotions and to finally see herself as amazing.

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Too Much Tragedy- #6 of 9  55 min

Learn from this full session masterclass in the EFT-Helps series

Its easy to see why this session was given that name.  Gillian has experienced the death and mental illness of family members over and over again.  The learning here is about how to tap with someone in intense, real and justifed distress.

Later Gillian watched her video and said: “I watched myself with compassion but also a sense that I was watching someone else suffering.  I remember what happened but those strong, intense painful feelings are just not there now.  Neither is the sense of overwhelming tragedy.  Sure it is a really sad story, but there are many of those stories around and my story is not who I am” 

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