EFT Helps Dog that Pees

Mini Pees when People Visit By: Lili Betancourt Gwyneth Moss asked participants if they had any pet issues to demonstrate working with animals during my EFT level 2 training. I told her about Mini, my 3 year old Cairn terrier. She lives with me, my husband, my mother, my 3 adult children and our 11 … Read more

EFT Helps the Rescue Horse

Heather Smiles writes: I helped pick up a young horse from Manchester last Friday, bit of a sad case.  Bought as a rescue by a lovely kind 18year old, who hadn’t got a clue. Her friend had contacted Jenny, owner of our rescue yard, to ask her if she could help.  Things were going downhill … Read more

EFT Helps My Mad Collie

Canine Remote Borrowing Benefits Fiona Lewis writes: Hi Gwyneth, Thank you for a lovely weekend tapping, I have really enjoyed it all, and I am looking forward to starting working on my case studies. I’d like to update you on the dog stuff! A couple of weeks ago I was doing some research about ‘EFT … Read more

EFT Helps Pigs

Separation of Pigs and People by Anne Ryan Yesterday I was walking by the river and as you walk along the day to day farming life is there to see. It is an organic and bio dynamic farm and run with many of the less intensive practices of the older days. There is a pig … Read more

EFT Helps Abused German Shepherd

Reuben: From Dangerous to Gentle by Jaimes Lyndley Reuben the young German Shepherd rescued by Jaimes Lyndley’s neighbours from a traveller encampment, was aggressive and highly unpredictable.  Jaimes would never have dared to go anywhere near him. In our EFT Practitioner workshop Jaimes volunteered to role play Reuben in the group exercise of surrogate tapping … Read more

EFT Helps Hen

Irene the Hen Grows New Feathers By Tricia Cockshott  Irene is one of the ex-battery hens that I rescued.  She came to me with no feathers, looking like what could be described an oven ready chicken! I got Irene at the same time as 3 other ex-bats and the other three hens all grew back … Read more

EFT for Dog Barking at the Sky

Alfi and the Balloons By Deborah Sampson On moving to our land in 2003, our dog Alfie developed the habit of barking frantically at all white lines in the sky from airplanes, as well as hot-air balloons. He would not stop and we could not calm him. He was then 3 years old. Our previous … Read more

EFT Helps Dying Cat

The Resurrection of Hamish By Jane Bennett I have an EFT animal tale which I thought might interest you. It’s a tale of EFT failing to do what it was intended for, but with great results! One of my cats, Hamish, is twenty years old. He has kidney problems and is on special diet and … Read more


EFT Helps Cat- Molly

Molly and the Vaccuum Cleaner Susan Myers writes: My cat Molly was always very timid and was particularly fearful of the vacuum cleaner, so much so that just hearing me bringing it down the stairs would see her fleeing to one of her hiding places. I attended the EFT Workshop  where we were to learn … Read more

EFT Helps Sick Dog

Ellie Gets Well Again by Jean Cotton When I take my dog out, there are some dogs and owners that I meet regularly and stop to chat. One, a little border terrier called Ellie, is a favourite. She was always lively and enthusiastic, and noisy! I hadn’t seen her for a while when we met … Read more

EFT Helps Heal Heartworms

Tapping for Shasta the Beagle  By Agatha Gelderloos www.tapintolife.net     I work with children in treatment foster care and bring my trained therapy dog Shasta (a Beagle) to work for comfort and connection for the children who have often experienced extreme trauma. I do EFT with the children also, but this story is about Shasta! … Read more

EFT Helps Dog that Runs Away

Rufus Runs to the Farm Dave role played his dog Rufus whilst we tapped over the phone.  This case is interesting because I was in North Yorkshire, UK; Rufus was in Brocton, New York and Dave was travelling in Michigan.    Hundreds, if not thousands of miles separated all three participants.  I had never met … Read more