Tapping Talk Begins

Linda Wood and Gwyneth Moss talk tapping

Linda and Gwyneth have been talking tapping transatlantic for years, they invite you to listen in to their conversations

EFT and Brainwaves

What we learned about EFT from observing Brainwaves

We both learned a lot about how consciousness operates and how to be more effective with EFT from observing EFT sessions with live EEG brainwave monitoring.  Not only did we see the effects of tapping made visible but what we observed made us more skilled practitioners.

Duality Tapping

Linda Wood talks with Gwyneth about her Duality Tapping protocol. Duality is about opposites and Duality Tapping is a process which uses opposites to dissolve the conscious and unconscious tension between desire and fear. Gwyneth says “duality tapping is an extraordinary process and I must remember to use it more”

Meridian Energy

Why do we Tap Where we Tap In Emotional Freedom Techniques we combine the use of language with tapping on meridian points. EFT is thus like a bridge between the talk therapies and the touch therapies, especially those touch therapies derived from the traditional chinese understandings of energy and health.    Many of us come … Read more

Tapping with Children

Gwyneth and Linda respond to Osnat’s comment and talk about tapping with children. Our advice is that there is no formula because all children are different. We talk about keeping it simple, fitting the tapping to the child, respecting them and having fun. Tapping can work really quickly with children. This is a big topic and there is lots to say so ask more questions and we will talk some more

Gwyneth Moss and Linda Wood met in 2005 and have been talking and tapping ever since. Now you can join in their Tapping Talks

Surrogate Tapping

Following on from our talk about tapping with children we talk about surrogate or distance tapping which is going to sound crazy to some people but we have lots of experience of this effect. Surrogate tapping is a skill and there is a process. We share some stories and give an overview of the three phase process

Gwyneth and Linda met in 2005. They have been talking tapping ever since. Now you can listen in on their tapping talks.

Get out of your own way

We are told that to be skilled at EFT we need to get out of our own way. But what do we mean by that and how do we do it. Gwyneth and Linda talk about how to be curious, unattached to the outcome, and not make assumptions. When we get out of our own way where the tapping leads can be surprising and that is the best sign that you have indeed got out of the way.

Gwyneth and Linda met in 2005. They have been talking tapping ever since. Now you can listen in on their tapping talks.

Symptom Stories

The story is in the symptom. And how do you find it?  Linda Wood and Gwyneth Moss discuss using EFT to help a wheat intolerance issue and a couple of skin cases. The answer as usual is curiosity and getting out of the way. With patience and persistence patterns and connections will emerge.

Gwyneth and Linda met in 2005. They have been talking tapping ever since. Now you can listen in on their tapping talks.

Dory and Eric

EFT for Timid Cat

Janet Hammond came on my EFT Part Two course and volunteered her cat Dory for the tapping for animals demonstration. Janet told us that Dory was a young, female cat and very, very timid, as if she were frightened of everything. Janet says: I recently re-homed a one year old cat called Dory. I got … Read more

Dancer at Waterfall

Marketing EFT

Five Top Tips on Marketing EFT My good friend Dawn Clarkson is an accountant.  She now runs a thriving accountancy practice in North Yorkshire with several hundred clients, a growing number of staff and offices in grand Thornborough Hall. When I first met Dawn, more than ten years ago, she had just ten clients and … Read more

Gwyneth Moss and Jondi Whitis

What is EFT? – Gwyneth & Jondi – 1

What is EFT?

One summer day Jondi Whitis in New York called Gwyneth Moss in Yorkshire.  So began our series of transatlantic tapping talk conversations.   Quite a few years later and we are still talking.

In our first conversation Jondi asks what is EFT?  And Gwyneth responds with her ideas of what EFT is and what EFT is not.   Listen in for her simple explanation of brain architecture and ‘puppy school for the inner dog’