EFT Training Companion: Volume Two

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This second volume builds on the teaching in Volume One which should be viewed first. Gwyneth teaches the structure of an EFT session from getting started to thorough testing. Learn the EFT Gentle Techniques; how to clear limiting beliefs; using EFT on the telephone; introducing intention and affiramtion; working with groups; helping animals and children.

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Volume Two of EFT Training Companion with Gwyneth Moss builds on the content and techniques taught in Part One.  Part Two helps you bring it all together for deeper work, even better results and more confidence.  Learn

  • the structure of an EFT session from getting started through to thorough testing
  • How to handle high emotional intensity
  • What to do when its really vague
  • Clearing ‘false-truths’ and opening up possibility
  • Practical tips for using EFT by telephone
  • Group work with EFT
  • An introduction to EFT for Animals
  • Guidance on EFT with Children

Gwyneth Moss is internationally recognised as an excellent teacher of EFT.  Skilled EFT is a blend of science, art and craft.  Gwyneth communicates clearly using helpful metaphors, engaging stories and her characteristic common-sense.


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