EFT Training Companion: Volume One

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Clear and engaging teaching from top EFT trainer Gwyneth Moss.  An EFT Training Companion Volume One is the two day Foundations workshop on 4 dvds.  Learn how to tap through teaching and demonstration.  Learn how the past affects us in the present and how to apply EFT to difficult memories, aches and pains, and compulsions like chocolate cravings.




Wherever you may be on your EFT journey, these four dvds of Gwyneth’s two day Foundations workshop will be your companion.  Whether you are an experienced tapper seeking refreshment and new levels of understanding; or a newcomer seeking clear and straightforward instruction.

Gwyneth Moss is internationally renownded as an excellent teacher of EFT.  Skilled EFT blends art, science and craft.  Using helpful metaphors, engaging stories and characteristic commonsense, Gwyneth clearly communicates:

  • How the EFT process tunes into and clears emotional disturbance
  • Using EFT for everyday annoyances that contribute to stress
  • Clearing the effects of painful memories
  • Applying EFT for aches and pains
  • Using EFT for compulsions and chocolate cravings

Teaching, demonstrations, exercises and full notes to accompany the dvds.


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