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EFT Constellations CA

23,October, 2016


The Web of Life

We are each the node of a web.  A dual web formed by the physical links of our ancestral family and the spiritual links of our karmic soul group.  Shock and stress from bygone ages can rupture and deform the web of life causing shock waves to travel through the generations to our living family.

Gwyneth facilitates this group ancestral constellations process with EFT.  Tapping creates a safe vessel to access and hold the ancestral field.  We then seek and heal past breaches of the web thus calming the reverberations experienced in the present. EFT Constellations brings the gentle, respectfulness of EFT to the profound inter-generational healing of constellations.

Gwyneth trained as a therapist with Wilf Proudfoot a long time student and close friend of Virginia Satir the originator of family reconstruction which proceeded family constellations.  For twelve years Gwyneth has been developing and refining her group process of spiritual connection using EFT.

Gwyneth says: Love flows downhill like water.  Love brings guidance and blessing from our ancestors connecting and grounding us within a network of  blood relationships.  Separation, shock, stress, rejection, denial, loss, early death and conflict block the flow of love through the family.   This turbulence and diminution is manifested as patterns of behaviour and emotion in present family members.  With EFT and the group process we can release these blocks and love flows.

When you have worked on the obvious memories, triggers and false-truths; this is the process that takes you beyond.

Jenny Gilmore says:  My family had got stuck with huge anger from 3 generations back. When our constellations work was done, the anger was acknowledged and stuck emotions were clearing. I had a sense of deep compassion for my ancestors. I looked around the room and felt an immediate sense of calm.  Very unusual for me as I am very good at feeling anxious and fearful around other people.   It was like something internally had changed – something was there that had never been there before – a sense of family love supporting me from the inside. Before I had been struggled to get my fire lit and keep it going.  There wasn’t quite enough to feed it. Now it is like a well established warming fire. Love is present in me now and fully awake. 

JP says:  I’m beyond grateful for EFT constellations. It seems to have cleared the energy of long established suicidal feelings. I could never make sense of these before. Most of my life, I’ve played out guilt and shame that has never made sense. One of my ancestors was involved in ‘dirty money’, and I’m sure that the guilt, shame and shock was passed down to me. Just knowing this, my life makes much more sense now and I’m sure there will be ongoing goodness resulting from this work we all did together. I just cannot thank you enough!


This is an advanced experiential process.
We will not be teaching EFT or how to facilitate constellations.  

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23,October, 2016
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Gwyneth Moss
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Twain Harte
21553 Cedar Springs Road
Twain Harte, CA 95383 United States
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