EFT Helps Two Cats and a Puppy

Hi Everyone, EFT Master Gwyneth Moss from the UK helps us understand (1) how well EFT works for animals and (2) the power of surrogate EFT. Note how this was all done in a workshop setting where the animals were not even present. Hugs, Gary Craig Surrogate Tapping for Two Cats and a Puppy Dear … Read more

EFT Helps Shire Horse

Tapping for Jack Jack is an 18.2 hand Shire horse (that means he is a very, very big horse) belonging to a friend of a friend of Heather Smiles. Heather has never met Jack or his owners. Here is an e-mail dialogue between Heather and Jack’s Granny (his owner’s mother).  Heather has successfully used EFT … Read more