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Yosemite Oct10 (23)

EFT with Gwyneth Moss: California 2016


New Vision EFT

Gwyneth's new vision for EFT. Process and context to be more effective. 21st October, Sonora CA
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EFT Constellations CA

EFT Family Constellation group work. Extraordinary, profound, deeply moving. October 23, Sonora CA
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Self Compassion EFT CA

Self Compassion EFT heals critical voices and reclaims lost parts of ourselves. October 22, CA
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Audio Interviews with Gwyneth

For a taste of Gwyneth’s style and the topics of the three workshops, listen to these podcast interviews.

We will go further and deeper in the workshops with teaching, demonstrations, exercises and interactive discussion.

Real-time EEG brainwave monitoring of live EFT demonstrations by will give you an enhanced learning experience.  Witness how EFT calms and balances brainwaves.

These workshops are for anyone who is familiar with the process and benefits of EFT tapping.  EFT Practitioners will learn advanced techniques.

Gwyneth Moss EFT Master

The EFT Roadmap

Understanding how the EFT techniques fit into a simple process gives you a roadmap for being more effective

Self Compassion

Self Compassion forms a protective attachment between adult self and child self across time and space

EFT Constellations

EFT Constellations group work heals shocks that pass through the generations

Self Compassion not Self Criticism

Expert researchers and authors John Gottman and Kristen Neff state really clearly how self criticism is toxic to ourselves and others and self compassion is healing and empowering. Gwyneth’s Self-Compassion EFT workshop teaches how to unlearn your learned self criticism and treat yourself to your own human kindness.

John Gottman

Brilliant, funny, profound:  self criticism is toxic!

Kristin Neff

Beautiful, moving, clear: self compassion is healing.

Why Twaine Harte CA?

In 2006 Gary Craig EFT Founder announced that he would be demonstrating EFT with live brainwave monitoring in Boston.  I just had to be there.  The work was fascinating and has changed and deepened my understanding of consciousness.  At that event I met Donna Bach ND and Gary Groesbeck the experts on Mind Mirror EEG neurofeedback technology and they have become valued friends.

This workshop is at their Twaine Harte retreat lodge in the foothills of the Californian Sierras.  Yosemite National Park is nearby and there is lots to see and do in the surrounding area.

I hope you can join us.


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