EFT is Everybody’s Freedom Techniques

Emotional Health is the garden in which happiness blossoms. EFT tapping is the tool to weed your emotional garden and plant the seeds of your dreams. EFT helps you get free of the past, dump your emotional baggage and clear your conditioning.  It’s surprisingly simple.

Gwyneth Moss EFT Master

EFT Appointments

Your own EFT session with Gwyneth, in person or online
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Superb EFT classics as streaming video and dvd box sets
In Loving Memory of Margaret Abraham

EFT Training

What does it take to train as an EFT Practitioner?
Help Yourself with EFT

EFT to Help Yourself

Are you curious? Perhaps you've heard about EFT and are wondering what it is all about? Are you sceptical that tapping can actually change anything? Or are you ready to get started?
Help Others with EFT

EFT to Help Others

If you are a people-helper, therapist, coach or teacher are you interested in how EFT can help you to be more effective? Would you like to find out about training as an EFT Practitioner?
Gwyneth Moss and Dan de Leon

Gwyneth Moss

Gwyneth has a new vision of EFT that is simple, clear and clean. Internationally acclaimed as a teacher she offers inspirational EFT training, retreats and advanced learning resources.

EFT Events, Groups and Workshops

Inspiring EFT workshops, transformational tapping groups. Gwyneth brings you EFT at its best.

The EFT Gathering 2020

The EFT Gathering 2020

The annual great value get together for all who love EFT ...
EFT Training Part One

EFT Training Part One

Learn to help others with EFT, 14/15 September in Ilkley ...
EFT Training Level 2

EFT Training Part Two

Quality training for skilful EFT: 12/13 October in Ilkley ...